Primal Champions

2 weeks worth

As I recall, it was hard getting that mass of flesh that is Bear to the Champion of Iron’s home. After seeing the town was gone, and the people in it, I couldn’t stand to see more death. He was safe.

This was about the time I met with the Champion of Iron personally. He saw my scars I guess, and how inept I felt. He made his offer….

So much later we are on a vessel tentatively named champion…ship. Due to the great battle fought by my allies, I am again a champion, this time of sand and stone. I can agree to this due to there being no ties or contracts to the titles anymore.

In a beautiful land I have found more civilization than I have seen in ages. There is a pattern to daily life that I can agree with. Magic is somewhat taboo, but no desperate moments have forced me to magic missile misguided adversaries. I did slip once and my gems appeared to plug my ears from inane banter at a meeting, but I quickly hid my arcane visuals.

Bear bought a ten-gold-piece-fan. He wishes to be a peacock.

Ronya’s painting herself in an attempt to blend in with the upper class. Nobody has any idea she is a gnome. I wonder if these islands have schooling?

Uhlric is not half the dwarf the dwarves here claim to be. Uhlric’s not even winning them over with ale. That is probably devastating to a dwarf, but hard to tell their emotions through all that hair.

We set off without Bear. He is allying himself with women in town.


He was replaced by Taka. Taka I like.

We beat pirates. Everything was perfect there. No errors.

A New Plane - Journal Entry #1

I began my day with a most unexpected development – finding myself on an entirely new plane. I woke up in a fortress of iron, face to face with the most advanced medical bot I have ever before encountered. Its memory hardware is badly damaged, but its nanobot healing ability is fully functioning, and it contains technology beyond anyback at Mattis Mountain. It is also eager to return to its own plane; assuming this world is the same as my own, it may very well be in both of our best interests to work together toward this end.

Sadly, we don’t seem to have made much progress. The iron fortress seems to contain the only useful metal in this world, and the town has no helpful tools or machinery, nor do its inhabitants seem to have any interest in improving the situation! I spent the better part of a day looking for a way to sell my clockwork devices and could not find a single interested buyer (except for one offer to commission an automaton for… less than scientific purposes).

It looks as though my tinkering skills may go to waste for the time being, as I may have to take up a job working with plants, animal skins, or intoxicating spirits just to pay the bills. I suppose this is a moral step up from the mercenary work I’ve been doing back in my own world, but at least then I got to use my magic.

There are others here who have been mysteriously transported from other worlds, and they are for the most part welcoming, if a bit odd. They seem to have accepted me into their cause. I suppose I have the complete lack of spontaneous combustion in my vicinity today to thank for that.

I think we can dinner...
I'd like to have...

Hi Dictionary. It is very, no, maybe. Well I remember my mom and she said when you have people you should eat together, because that makes everyone happy. I like my bugs and I have found Blip and he is weird, and I like him and Audhri and Ulrich, and Bear needs to spend time with Audhri because he is not happy. We attacked frogs today, oh that big one, I have never seen. And the Ronja, who is little like me, she talked with them. I liked the king, but Blip tried to help them. He is a weird… Like he doesn’t know friends…but he helps, I just like him.
Iron Champion…everyone says things about him, but he… Well except he comes every time in cool ways… I don’t see him bad. I trust… Well I am Master Bugga, haha, did you know that I am master Bugga. I am not big like the big Bee mother or the ant big mamma, but I am small. And Audhri got her elf girl killed, so she is happy. Iron Champion is dead, but that’s fine, he is alive.

Oh, man, today was great!
Bear diary entry

Oh man, oh man today was AWESOME. Okay, so I haven’t quite forgiven Her yet for leaving us to fight without Her that last time, especially after all I did, but I just can’t stay angry at Her. She went and did it again, leaving us to go off and fight while She stayed in her leafy shop doing god only knows what, and then She had the CHEEK to hire some little kid to keep me away! But you know, Diary, Her stubbornness is what I love about Her. to cut a long story short, I’m now the Champion of the Tides and I’m feeling AWESOME. She can’t know about it cos of all the political stuff that’s going on (I just keep away from all that stuff with Raiden or Traiden or whoever the ghost guy was and focus on Her), but what it means for me is that I can still hold Her hand when we teleport. It’s so soft. And now being tidey I get the constant wet look without any effort. She told me that I looked okay! She commented on how I look!! I’m working out extra hard now. Maybe She’ll notice.
So anyway I’m feeling GREAT finally being a champion, and I think it really showed in the fight today getting our gear back from the bullywugs. I made a bit of a fail at the beginning but I don’t think She noticed. But the end, oh the end!!! You should’ve seen it! I was holding back just in case any hostage situations arose again, but once it was clear She needed help I was right in there with my newfound swimming prowess, and oh man I cut TWO of those bastards straight in half! Right in front of Her. I think I saw something in Her eyes. It was totally a gleam of awe. Not disgust as the brains spewed out, nah, it was totally awe. (The brain spewing was SO COOL but She probably wouldn’t like me talking about that so I just swished my new wet look hair back and I think that’s what She liked.)
I hope She realises that I just want to make Her happy. I’m grizzly on the outside but I’m just a teddy Bear inside…

In the pines, where the sun don't ever shine...

Two drunkards, Bear and Ulric, made their way to Audhri’s home. A leaf at the door confused the drunks as it spoke to them in her voice “Busy, go away”.

Nothing would distract Bear though, well, nothing except a stream flowing through the city. Thirsty, he approached to partake, only then realizing it was a living stream of spiders on a return to the druid master. Drinking this stream was a mistake, for the tiny shiny hairy bodies did not go quietly down the throat.

Following behind was Bugga, in centipede form. One druid was calling out to another in a very druidic insectoid way. The log that the spiders climbed into was humanoid and grasped Bugga’s head to communicate.

The tree-man was a Wilden named Broken Spoke. He said one of our fleshy kind was in danger, and gave directions to a mountain.

On the mountain, A roguish archeologist was in a cave. It had a smooth wall with etchings and a metal sort of pot in the middle. More interested in escape he found a light and a woman willing to help. This woman turned out to be Wilden as well and viewed Cornelius as some sort of animal to keep.

Bear and Ulric found a way to the mountain. They had to fend off beings of light that were “picking” fleshy things as we would pick a flower. Only later would it be revealed that these were a more civilized form of Wilden on a mystical journey to the primal plane having a bit of fun.

Bear of course was drawn to the woman Wilden of this plane, Alerouwi, but this was because he was drunk and it was dark and he didn’t understand she was a plant… still, this close to…

A person was in danger, but it was not Cornelius nor Audhri as was speculated for a time, but a local name Guy. She was not so bad looking and worth saving in Bear’s eyes.

They did save her. (editors note: must go for now)

Guest DM: Mark

Sneak, Hack, Sneak, Lift, Run run run


Insufficient Abjuration

Unguents used to sooth right shoulder scar created by Thri-Kreen spear prove more sufficient than predicted. welcomed success.

Unable to focus on herbal healing agents, due to cost of shop operations calling me to open shop for commoner’s toe infections and similar minor irritations.

Abjurations prove meaningless to procure desired goal of survival. New goal of escape sought through enchantment spell crafting.

Boys are predictable and rarely driven to a higher purpose.

Given until tomorrow to prepare to rescue the false champion whose cowardice was the driving force in dear Parci’s demise.

Nobody noticed my stature or revised coloration of lower lip yesterday.

Somewhat relaxed by the flora affectations being produced upon my cranium. They mingle with my hair to give a visual cue to my wish to recede from inane banter, while at the same time diverting attention to my semi-alluring lips, thus benefit possible enchantment in future occasions.

assuming Dragonborn make hissing sounds


Cool flavor text to be input by our fearless DM. Rushed picture by one of the players.

Mystery at the Copper Flows
Part 1

Mystery at the Copper Flows


A few days after the battle on the Frostfell, Audhri and Ulric are teleported to the Charred Citadel to participate in a funerary rite for Parcy, who had fallen in the previous battle. After Audhri says a few words, and the Firedancer lights the funeral pier, Bugga emerges from the Citadel as the new Champion of Smoke and Ember. Little Bugga is ecstatic at becoming the new Champion, but Audhri and Ulric are less than pleased, not confident in the small halfling’s combat abilities. The assembled champions are then teleported back to the Sanctum by The Guide. The Guide has recovered more of his memories and has regained access to the Archives. Annoyed by his lack of acceptance by his friends, Bugga requests to be sent back to the Shadow Hunter. Audhri and Ulric explore the Archives for some information about. Audhri manages to locate a few spell manuals at her level of Arcane understanding, as well as a compendium on the Planes of Existance, which contains some information about Primordius. Dispite his general aversions to books and reading, Ulric manages to locate what appears to be Zulatar’s personal journal. The majority of the tomb has succumbed to the passage of time, but a few entries remain legible. The duo learn about Zulatar’s plan to imprison Repulxia as well as his final battle with her. A little annoyed by the lack of specific information about how to move forward, the pair decide to return to the City. Before leaving, Ulric asks the Guide to attempt to regain entry into the Sanctum’s Armory.

A few weeks pass without any contact from the Guide. The champions go about their new lives in the city, working and honing their skills. One day, Ulric notices a posting on the Water Market bulletin board.
“The City has lost contact with a mining outpost in the Copper Flows. Requesting a small party of able bodied individuals to lead an expedition to determine the fate of the outpost. Reward: 100 gp, and one Silver Patronage Pass.”
Taking the notice, Ulric makes his way to Audhri’s apothecary shop, where he manages to convince her to accompany him on the job. Bugga also appears in the shop, where he excitedly shows off his new found ability to transform into a giant centipede. Eager to show off his new skills, Bugga asks to join them on the expedition as well. With some trepidation, the other Champions agree. The trio attempt to track down Bear, but he has gone off on a hunting for animal hides in the Junglethorn, so they decide to set off just the three of them.

Expedition to the Copper Flows

The Trio charted passage on a small trade raft to the Steam Rapids Supply Deport. The the Deport, the Champions outfitted themselves for the 2 day journey to the mining outpost. After a days travel across the Salt Wastes, the party reached the oases. When Ulric attempted to refill the parties water supplies, he was attacked by two large scorpions. Luckily, the Champion of Sand and Stone’s tremorsense alerted him to the danger, and he was able to ready himself for the fight. After a brief skirmish, Ulric was able to squash one of the scorpions with Tremor, and little Bugga was able to prove himself by felling the other scorpion with a powerful poison cloud. The group then set up camp and rested.

On the second day, the party navigated the Burning Sands without incident and promptly entered the Copper Flows. After a brief search, they located the missing mining out post. The buildings and supply were completely intact, but all the of the miners were gone. After a thorough investigation, Audhri concluded that there was a melee in the mining camp, but that some one had tried to cover up the evidence of the scuffle. She was able to locate a strange three pronged triangle weapon hidden in a crevice. Bugga is also able to find some tracks leading away from the camp, heading deeper into the Burning Sands. The party decides to rest in the camp, refill their supplies and, with some urging from Ulric, try to follow the tracks deeper in to the desert in the hopes of rescuing the miners. After 7 hours of wandering in the desert with no sign of progress and their supplies of water dwindling, the party decides to make their way back to the mining came. As night began to descend, Bugga notices a dot on the horizon. It appears the party has been followed back to the mining camp. The champions set up a defensive position and establish a watch, ready to flee the camp should the situation turn dire…

Pathetic champion causes Perci's demise


While trying to help a cowardly elf “champion” escape from the mutated wolves, Perci succumbs to this awful world we are prisoners of. In the snow two new allies were just not enough.


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