Primal Champions

2 weeks worth

As I recall, it was hard getting that mass of flesh that is Bear to the Champion of Iron’s home. After seeing the town was gone, and the people in it, I couldn’t stand to see more death. He was safe.

This was about the time I met with the Champion of Iron personally. He saw my scars I guess, and how inept I felt. He made his offer….

So much later we are on a vessel tentatively named champion…ship. Due to the great battle fought by my allies, I am again a champion, this time of sand and stone. I can agree to this due to there being no ties or contracts to the titles anymore.

In a beautiful land I have found more civilization than I have seen in ages. There is a pattern to daily life that I can agree with. Magic is somewhat taboo, but no desperate moments have forced me to magic missile misguided adversaries. I did slip once and my gems appeared to plug my ears from inane banter at a meeting, but I quickly hid my arcane visuals.

Bear bought a ten-gold-piece-fan. He wishes to be a peacock.

Ronya’s painting herself in an attempt to blend in with the upper class. Nobody has any idea she is a gnome. I wonder if these islands have schooling?

Uhlric is not half the dwarf the dwarves here claim to be. Uhlric’s not even winning them over with ale. That is probably devastating to a dwarf, but hard to tell their emotions through all that hair.

We set off without Bear. He is allying himself with women in town.


He was replaced by Taka. Taka I like.

We beat pirates. Everything was perfect there. No errors.



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