Primal Champions

A New Plane - Journal Entry #1

I began my day with a most unexpected development – finding myself on an entirely new plane. I woke up in a fortress of iron, face to face with the most advanced medical bot I have ever before encountered. Its memory hardware is badly damaged, but its nanobot healing ability is fully functioning, and it contains technology beyond anyback at Mattis Mountain. It is also eager to return to its own plane; assuming this world is the same as my own, it may very well be in both of our best interests to work together toward this end.

Sadly, we don’t seem to have made much progress. The iron fortress seems to contain the only useful metal in this world, and the town has no helpful tools or machinery, nor do its inhabitants seem to have any interest in improving the situation! I spent the better part of a day looking for a way to sell my clockwork devices and could not find a single interested buyer (except for one offer to commission an automaton for… less than scientific purposes).

It looks as though my tinkering skills may go to waste for the time being, as I may have to take up a job working with plants, animal skins, or intoxicating spirits just to pay the bills. I suppose this is a moral step up from the mercenary work I’ve been doing back in my own world, but at least then I got to use my magic.

There are others here who have been mysteriously transported from other worlds, and they are for the most part welcoming, if a bit odd. They seem to have accepted me into their cause. I suppose I have the complete lack of spontaneous combustion in my vicinity today to thank for that.


You are still not hired. :P

A New Plane - Journal Entry #1

…Gonna have to come up with some sort of clockwork device this town actually wants!! XD ::puts on thinking cap, hopes it doesn’t explode::

A New Plane - Journal Entry #1

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