Primal Champions


In the pines, where the sun don't ever shine...

Two drunkards, Bear and Ulric, made their way to Audhri’s home. A leaf at the door confused the drunks as it spoke to them in her voice “Busy, go away”.

Nothing would distract Bear though, well, nothing except a stream flowing through the city. Thirsty, he approached to partake, only then realizing it was a living stream of spiders on a return to the druid master. Drinking this stream was a mistake, for the tiny shiny hairy bodies did not go quietly down the throat.

Following behind was Bugga, in centipede form. One druid was calling out to another in a very druidic insectoid way. The log that the spiders climbed into was humanoid and grasped Bugga’s head to communicate.

The tree-man was a Wilden named Broken Spoke. He said one of our fleshy kind was in danger, and gave directions to a mountain.

On the mountain, A roguish archeologist was in a cave. It had a smooth wall with etchings and a metal sort of pot in the middle. More interested in escape he found a light and a woman willing to help. This woman turned out to be Wilden as well and viewed Cornelius as some sort of animal to keep.

Bear and Ulric found a way to the mountain. They had to fend off beings of light that were “picking” fleshy things as we would pick a flower. Only later would it be revealed that these were a more civilized form of Wilden on a mystical journey to the primal plane having a bit of fun.

Bear of course was drawn to the woman Wilden of this plane, Alerouwi, but this was because he was drunk and it was dark and he didn’t understand she was a plant… still, this close to…

A person was in danger, but it was not Cornelius nor Audhri as was speculated for a time, but a local name Guy. She was not so bad looking and worth saving in Bear’s eyes.

They did save her. (editors note: must go for now)

Guest DM: Mark



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