Primal Champions

I think we can dinner...

I'd like to have...

Hi Dictionary. It is very, no, maybe. Well I remember my mom and she said when you have people you should eat together, because that makes everyone happy. I like my bugs and I have found Blip and he is weird, and I like him and Audhri and Ulrich, and Bear needs to spend time with Audhri because he is not happy. We attacked frogs today, oh that big one, I have never seen. And the Ronja, who is little like me, she talked with them. I liked the king, but Blip tried to help them. He is a weird… Like he doesn’t know friends…but he helps, I just like him.
Iron Champion…everyone says things about him, but he… Well except he comes every time in cool ways… I don’t see him bad. I trust… Well I am Master Bugga, haha, did you know that I am master Bugga. I am not big like the big Bee mother or the ant big mamma, but I am small. And Audhri got her elf girl killed, so she is happy. Iron Champion is dead, but that’s fine, he is alive.



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