Primal Champions

Insufficient Abjuration

Unguents used to sooth right shoulder scar created by Thri-Kreen spear prove more sufficient than predicted. welcomed success.

Unable to focus on herbal healing agents, due to cost of shop operations calling me to open shop for commoner’s toe infections and similar minor irritations.

Abjurations prove meaningless to procure desired goal of survival. New goal of escape sought through enchantment spell crafting.

Boys are predictable and rarely driven to a higher purpose.

Given until tomorrow to prepare to rescue the false champion whose cowardice was the driving force in dear Parci’s demise.

Nobody noticed my stature or revised coloration of lower lip yesterday.

Somewhat relaxed by the flora affectations being produced upon my cranium. They mingle with my hair to give a visual cue to my wish to recede from inane banter, while at the same time diverting attention to my semi-alluring lips, thus benefit possible enchantment in future occasions.



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