Primal Champions

Mystery at the Copper Flows

Part 1

Mystery at the Copper Flows


A few days after the battle on the Frostfell, Audhri and Ulric are teleported to the Charred Citadel to participate in a funerary rite for Parcy, who had fallen in the previous battle. After Audhri says a few words, and the Firedancer lights the funeral pier, Bugga emerges from the Citadel as the new Champion of Smoke and Ember. Little Bugga is ecstatic at becoming the new Champion, but Audhri and Ulric are less than pleased, not confident in the small halfling’s combat abilities. The assembled champions are then teleported back to the Sanctum by The Guide. The Guide has recovered more of his memories and has regained access to the Archives. Annoyed by his lack of acceptance by his friends, Bugga requests to be sent back to the Shadow Hunter. Audhri and Ulric explore the Archives for some information about. Audhri manages to locate a few spell manuals at her level of Arcane understanding, as well as a compendium on the Planes of Existance, which contains some information about Primordius. Dispite his general aversions to books and reading, Ulric manages to locate what appears to be Zulatar’s personal journal. The majority of the tomb has succumbed to the passage of time, but a few entries remain legible. The duo learn about Zulatar’s plan to imprison Repulxia as well as his final battle with her. A little annoyed by the lack of specific information about how to move forward, the pair decide to return to the City. Before leaving, Ulric asks the Guide to attempt to regain entry into the Sanctum’s Armory.

A few weeks pass without any contact from the Guide. The champions go about their new lives in the city, working and honing their skills. One day, Ulric notices a posting on the Water Market bulletin board.
“The City has lost contact with a mining outpost in the Copper Flows. Requesting a small party of able bodied individuals to lead an expedition to determine the fate of the outpost. Reward: 100 gp, and one Silver Patronage Pass.”
Taking the notice, Ulric makes his way to Audhri’s apothecary shop, where he manages to convince her to accompany him on the job. Bugga also appears in the shop, where he excitedly shows off his new found ability to transform into a giant centipede. Eager to show off his new skills, Bugga asks to join them on the expedition as well. With some trepidation, the other Champions agree. The trio attempt to track down Bear, but he has gone off on a hunting for animal hides in the Junglethorn, so they decide to set off just the three of them.

Expedition to the Copper Flows

The Trio charted passage on a small trade raft to the Steam Rapids Supply Deport. The the Deport, the Champions outfitted themselves for the 2 day journey to the mining outpost. After a days travel across the Salt Wastes, the party reached the oases. When Ulric attempted to refill the parties water supplies, he was attacked by two large scorpions. Luckily, the Champion of Sand and Stone’s tremorsense alerted him to the danger, and he was able to ready himself for the fight. After a brief skirmish, Ulric was able to squash one of the scorpions with Tremor, and little Bugga was able to prove himself by felling the other scorpion with a powerful poison cloud. The group then set up camp and rested.

On the second day, the party navigated the Burning Sands without incident and promptly entered the Copper Flows. After a brief search, they located the missing mining out post. The buildings and supply were completely intact, but all the of the miners were gone. After a thorough investigation, Audhri concluded that there was a melee in the mining camp, but that some one had tried to cover up the evidence of the scuffle. She was able to locate a strange three pronged triangle weapon hidden in a crevice. Bugga is also able to find some tracks leading away from the camp, heading deeper into the Burning Sands. The party decides to rest in the camp, refill their supplies and, with some urging from Ulric, try to follow the tracks deeper in to the desert in the hopes of rescuing the miners. After 7 hours of wandering in the desert with no sign of progress and their supplies of water dwindling, the party decides to make their way back to the mining came. As night began to descend, Bugga notices a dot on the horizon. It appears the party has been followed back to the mining camp. The champions set up a defensive position and establish a watch, ready to flee the camp should the situation turn dire…


Well documented. I already think this campaign site is worth it. The info will just grow and grow.

Mystery at the Copper Flows

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