Primal Champions

Oh, man, today was great!

Bear diary entry

Oh man, oh man today was AWESOME. Okay, so I haven’t quite forgiven Her yet for leaving us to fight without Her that last time, especially after all I did, but I just can’t stay angry at Her. She went and did it again, leaving us to go off and fight while She stayed in her leafy shop doing god only knows what, and then She had the CHEEK to hire some little kid to keep me away! But you know, Diary, Her stubbornness is what I love about Her. to cut a long story short, I’m now the Champion of the Tides and I’m feeling AWESOME. She can’t know about it cos of all the political stuff that’s going on (I just keep away from all that stuff with Raiden or Traiden or whoever the ghost guy was and focus on Her), but what it means for me is that I can still hold Her hand when we teleport. It’s so soft. And now being tidey I get the constant wet look without any effort. She told me that I looked okay! She commented on how I look!! I’m working out extra hard now. Maybe She’ll notice.
So anyway I’m feeling GREAT finally being a champion, and I think it really showed in the fight today getting our gear back from the bullywugs. I made a bit of a fail at the beginning but I don’t think She noticed. But the end, oh the end!!! You should’ve seen it! I was holding back just in case any hostage situations arose again, but once it was clear She needed help I was right in there with my newfound swimming prowess, and oh man I cut TWO of those bastards straight in half! Right in front of Her. I think I saw something in Her eyes. It was totally a gleam of awe. Not disgust as the brains spewed out, nah, it was totally awe. (The brain spewing was SO COOL but She probably wouldn’t like me talking about that so I just swished my new wet look hair back and I think that’s what She liked.)
I hope She realises that I just want to make Her happy. I’m grizzly on the outside but I’m just a teddy Bear inside…



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