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  • Selfish Gods make life miserable

    [[File:443766 | class=media-item-align-none | 11044592_1535022580091601_6066302071031375139_o.jpg]] Swept away from her everyday life, Audhri rests in the jungles after taking a terrible wound to the hip. Bugga and the Shadow Hunter keep her company.

  • Insufficient Abjuration

    Unguents used to sooth right shoulder scar created by Thri-Kreen spear prove more sufficient than predicted. welcomed success. Unable to focus on herbal healing agents, due to cost of shop operations calling me to open shop for commoner's toe …

  • Audhri Foexnim

    From a town that was of decent size, she relocated to some hills that had decent natural bounty for which to start her life of tinkering and profit-making. Events left her on another plane of existence. Various acquaintances have died and she herself …